Want some GURPS adventures?

Over at Ravens N’ Pennies+Christopher R. Rice is thinking of doing some adventures.

Now, a bit about Christopher:

He’s ridiculously prolific. If you read his blog, you’ll find this out. If he says “I’ve got an idea for an adventure,” what he means is likely an epic series of awesome ideas. Trust me, the guy just doesn’t do shallow railroady stuff. Ever.

He’s a research fiend. The only thing, from what he’s said, that he does faster than type is read. I mean, seriously – he’s gone through the entire series of The Wheel of Time in as much time as it usually takes me to read a single book of it. And I’m not a slow reader. He’s widely read (as +Kenneth Hite advises, as do lots of smart folk), and can turn that research into good, solid worldbuilding.

He’s a frequently published GURPS author. If he’s not yet the most frequently published author in Pyramid, just give him time. He’s not just a dabbler, either – and he’s got a book coming out as well. Can’t say what it is. But it’ll be cool. I just have that feeling.

He gives back. He started Pyramid Write Club to help aspiring GURPS authors get over the hump of the writer’s guidelines and writing and publishing in the GURPS arena. He also does my transcriptions for The Firing Squad, which is likely at least half their value.

If you don’t read his blog, start now. He’s eclectic, so you’re bound to find something worthwhile. +Charles Akins: if he’s not on your blog roll, he should be. His monster-files (triple threat) are worth the price of admission. Which, by the way, is free, of course.

In any case: he’d dearly appreciate it if you’d drop by his blog and let him know what you think of his writing some GURPS adventures via Patreon.

And one more thing: this is his living. He’s an independent author and writer, and if you like his ideas, I would appreciate it, as would he, if you would throw support his way. Reshare at the minimum, contribute if you can.

Think of this as a way of saying “Merry Christmas, everyone!”

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