Apropos of Nothing: Minneapolis Comic Con 2015 – Sunday

We were only there for maybe two hours, if that, today. We’d had a long, good day yesterday and between cranky 10-month-olds and ConFatigue, our endurance wasn’t what it could have been.

Still: overall impressions.

  • The Con is a fun place to go Cosplay, but there have to be less expensive venues for it. That being said, if you are going to go, shop early and get your three-day pass. $25 per day is not too bad.
  • Everything else costs, though, and costs a lot. These are sporting event prices, and just about everything gets that sort of markup. 
  • If you’re autograph hunting, my experience over the last two years is that Sunday right after opening is the time to do it. I could have easily gotten Brent Spiner and Gillian Anderson or the Phelps twins with hardly any waiting. If you’ve frequented the blog from last year, you’ll note that I had a fantastic and fairly lengthy conversation with Adam Baldwin – The Man They Call Jayne. That was Sunday, and no coincidence.
  • With small and somewhat restless kids, attending panels wasn’t in it this year. Last year I got to one with Dean Cain, which was great.
  • I really would like this one better as an RPG convention, mostly because of the interactive nature of the games. We walked around looking at cool costumes and interacting with people for hours, and it was great fun. 
  • If you are actually into the art and artists for Comic Con – you should go. The artists, by and large, are great people to talk to. They’re happy to chat, and supporting their work that you like is money well spent. That being said
  • Explaining the Smurf Massacre or My Little Pony-Walking Dead crossover art to a five-year-old can be a challenge.

I will definitely go back to these when I can, and if my daughter(s) retain an interest, will look forward to years and years of costume making in the future. Shannon’s Raven and “historical” Wonder Woman costumes were a real hit, and nothing makes a dad happier than hundreds of people telling her how good her costumes look

So, with that – the pictures!

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