Some Fantasy Grounds promotion

I have an Ultimate Licence for FG. +Doug Davison  was also kind enough to accept an invitation to be interviewed on the Firing Squad a while back. As a result, sometimes he sends me stuff.

Today he sent me this, which I pass along as a dutiful marketing stooge. 🙂

(I do not get paid by, well . . . anyone for the blogging I do. Not this, not Violent Resolution, nothing.)

Fantasy Grounds on sale for 30% off. D&D 5E packs and other items are at 30% off and everything is at least 10% off.

The 2015 Summer Sale has just launched. The dates correspond with the official Steam Summer Sale and the prices of discounted items is matched on our store ( and on Steam (


  • All FG 1-time licenses are 30% off
  • All D&D licensed modules are 30% off
  • Call of Cthulhu big modules are 30% off
  • Several other larger modules are 30% off
  • Everything else is 10% or 20% off

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