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Not sure why, but my post on the movie Independence Day has, in the last week, climbed to my third  second  most popular post ever. Did not see that one coming.

Digging in a bit, it would appear that the inclusion of the term Area 51 had a lot to do with it, since that seems to be a direct search item.

Interestingly enough, a photo I’d linked to asking why Area 51 had a baseball team was not viewable by me yesterday morning. So “hi” to all you fine folks at the NSA.

Anyway, between commenting on movies and the Area 51 reference, the last few days have seen visits explode – much like the finale of the movie. Much like the entire movie, come to think of it.

Who knew?

4 thoughts on “Metablog: ID4 – Blog on Fire

  1. Some missile, a sailplane, Voyager, some GBU, Sputnik, weather balloon, Bat Signal, B-1, totally authentic alien flying saucer, UFP Enterprise, some satellite, B-2.

    That's my best guesses without research.

    1. A V-1 wouldn't have either the long pitot tube in front or the rocket nozzle in the back (it had a podded jet engine) so I don't think it gets the nod over all the other things with wings. The pitot tube may be a clue that it's a test device rather than a missile proper.

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