ForgedAnvil character generator for D&D5

Holy crap, the ForgedAnvil Character Generator is amazing.

Put in an experience total. Put in your raw die rolls or the “standard array.” Then start choosing, using pre-populated drop-down boxes, all the things that can be chosen. 

Weapons and armor? It’s in there.

Spells? Feats? Languages? Yep.Even handy look-ups for spells and feats.

Multi-class support? Yes. 

Change your mind, and want to convert a Level 15 fighter from Champion to Battle Master? Might take you five minutes. Ten tops.

It also provides a detailed summary of everything your paper man can do, with game mechanics.

I will almost certainly be making my characters with this program for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “ForgedAnvil character generator for D&D5

  1. That's a nice bit of work there. Still demands a solid grounding in the system get much use out of it, and I'm sure destined for a take-down notice from WotC, but nice while it lasts.

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