May is GURPSDay recruitment month

GURPSDay is going well. We routinely hit between 40 and 60 posts from 39 blogs in any given week (with T Bone’s GURPS Diner stubbornly resisting all attempts to wget the hell out of its content).

But it could be more. Because I know there are more people playing and writing about GURPS, even occasionally.

So this is a challenge and an invitation.

To Current GURPSDay Bloggers

Bring me one additional victim. I mean, volunteer. Just one, in the month of May. Have them send an email to and I’ll take it from there. (Even better, have them send me the key four pieces of info:

1. Their Blog Name, in plain engligh
2. Their accreditation name 
3. The validated RSS feed for posts tagged with GURPS
4. Their main blog URL

Also, do a post on how GURPSDay has impacted your traffic. If the answer is “it’s been yuuuuuge,” then say so, but say “huge,” because I will only accept ‘yuge’ and ‘yooman’ from Carl Sagan. If the answer is “a small bump,” then say that too, because I want to know.

To anyone else

Sign yourself up. I still need the four bits of information above, but if you even blog once a month about GURPS, or blog about RPGs in general and call out GURPS once in a while, this is an opportunity to get a bit more word of mouth out there.

I can say that GURPSDay has been great for me. Not only do people come and check out the GURPSDay posts, but they look around at other things.

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself! Come . . . join the GURPSDay list, posted and hosted from Minnesota. Where many are cold; few are frozen.

I want us to have 100 blogs on the list by the end of the month!

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