New Blogs Incoming – watch this space

I’ve heard rumblings that at least three blogs will be hitting the GURPS and other games pavement over the next month or so. 

+Jake Bernstein, who goes by Apoc527 on the SJG Forums, was instrumental in playtesting some of my stuff. He took Technical Grappling for a spin, as well as playtesting On Target before it was published. Based on a comment he left on my prior post, he may well be starting a blog soon. If not, I’ll lean on him to be a regular guest poster.

The Forum user Mailanka, who is one of the only players that I know of to fully embrace The Last Gasp in all its glory, has a blog of his own. Every Wednesday (sigh, not Thursday/GURPSDay, but I’ll be OK) he’ll be posting a new GURPS post. I’m linking all his GURPS content over in the Arsenal. 

Finally, I know that there’s going to be one more coming, but I can’t talk about it. No, it’s not me. Yes, I know who it is. Yes, y’all should be excited about it. Wait and see.

3 thoughts on “New Blogs Incoming – watch this space

    1. Assuming you don't want to host your own, as I do:

      Livejournal: owned by dodgy Russians. Doesn't offer RSS feeds for comments.

      Blogspot: works all right, part of the Google Monolith, so you can't use it without a Google ID of some sort, and all your readers will be tracked.

      WordPress (.com): works all right, part of Automattic, but generally not as privacy-invasive as Google.

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