GURPS DF Adventure: Beneath Castle Everglory

GURPS has been poked at – with some level of truth – for not having a lot of adventure support.

Well, someone went and made one – an adventure for 250-point dungeon fantasy characters.

You can find a PDF file here, or a Wiki page here. The maps for Level 4 and deeper seem to be missing at the moment (about noon on March 3), but I’ll poke the author and see what’s forthcoming.

Kudos for making this, and making it available – on GURPSDay nonetheless!

4 thoughts on “GURPS DF Adventure: Beneath Castle Everglory

  1. I wonder how hard it would be to use a wiki to collaborate on an adventure. Sounds fun in theory, but probably immensely difficult in practice.

    I'd like to pick the brains of people that can plot an adventure several steps in advance as well just outta plain curiosity. How do you reasonably guess all the ways a player might react to a situation? I try to think about it, but I get analysis paralysis when I think of making a branching decision tree that has three or four reasonable outcomes per scenario.

    1. I just make sure that there's at least one way that I can think of out of a situation. I've long given up on predicting what players will try to do, and I find it entertaining to judge and react to what they come up with on the fly.

    2. Some years ago I read a document from TSR on building dungeons for its tournaments. The general approach to trap/puzzle encounters was: list three or four things that definitely won't work, and why, and one thing that definitely will.

      Getting away from the dungeon-encounter context, my general outline for a "villains are up to something which PCs need to stop" adventure is to have a timetable of what the villains will do if the PCs don't interfere, and some idea of how they'll react to things the PCs are likely to do. (E.g. a Most Dangerous Game setup: PCs shake down one of the guys who's supplying victims, villains worry about being traced, so murder the other guys and set up a new supplier network.)

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