Aeon Campaign: S2E3 – Rescue

This is a very quick version of session notes from last week’s game, but I was in Malaysia. So, without further ado, nor editing, here’s a recap. I’ll edit this out into something more prose-like over time.

Dramatis Personae

  • Arc Light (Christian) – battlsuited gadgeteer with electrical powers
  • The Rat Queen (Emily) – brick with super-perception; made of actual rats
  • Eamon Finnegan (Kyle) – smooth talking gravity-master; Ultimate Fighting Lawyer, to borrow a phrase.
  • Zephyr (Merlin) – Real name Murui; Shaolin Kung Fu expert and super-speedster. 
  • Marionette (Ani) – Abilities run to boosting of others, and manipulation of animated objects. The Commander’s third cousin.

Session Start

Arc light sent a drone to track the commander but it got shot down
emily is out because of spells overloading her.
Commander looks the same in rf as everyone else
Marionette can probably track commander with amplification
arc light probably can build an amplifier at his lair.
adama crits doing data analysis for purchase patterns for household chemicals.  someone has been making wholesale purchases of household chemicals that are unusual and some thefts.  someone has been buying these things in cash and having them delivered to an address.
shared shipping warehouse.  

arc light wants to hack the hubble to keep an eye on the building.
he’s going to try to get historical and current footage
in truth we hack a russian satelite and follow him via satelite to his junkyard 30 miles north of the city.
we figure out for sure the enemy is dude and he has super maths he can use to predict the future and alter probability.
we plan to do a negative tactics roll to negate his successes.

We show up in the middle of the junkyard as if we hadn’t planned at all but he’s ready for that, has goons in the yard with guns who take aim when we show up.  combat begins!
We don’t get any special considerations on positioning and so we just go at it.

Marionette TK’s over to a schoolbus (bringing Zephyr with her) and begins to attempt to animate it.
Zephyr attempts to punch a guard but fails a will roll instead, draws his evil cursed knife and stabs a guard in the heart, who immediately dies. his ATR is up so then he runs to the next one who crit fails a dodge and jumps on his knife. 
arc light flys off to the side and tazes a dude. he goes limp

Eamon flys into a mess of guys and hits them with a slam of gravity knocking all 4 out and setting off an improvised explosive.

Eamon and his recently attacked goons get blowed up.  We take a bunch of damage and some of them die.

Someone of indeterminite location shoots at arc light with a directed EMP burst. the suit shuts down and arc light redlines the suit, getting it back into action

Marionette animates a bus, nothing happens yet, but soon!

goons shoot at us to no major effect
someone shoots a rocket at arclight that he dodges. then he gets a popup on his hud saying he’s been locked on

eamon picks himself up off the floor and hugs a junked helicopter

goons chuck a grenade at eamon who gravity pushes it back, then another goon picks it up again, tossing it to eamon who tosses it back a 2nd time.

marionette’s bus starts stomping around, on feet. and marionette guides it in to crush goons.

Marionette herself grabs some goon guns with TK, disarming them and slamming a gun into a goon’s face.

eamon moves the fusilage of the helicopter he’s been hiding behind, himself and Yukio 11 yards away, keeping himself covered.

A rocket that appeared to miss arc light earlier has arced back and tries to hit him again along with 2 additional rockets.  He’s standing next to a goon that he snatches up and attempts to save from the boom.  he attempts some fancy flying to get them to hit each other but fails.  Marionette burns a karma to pick up sacrificial defense for TK.  She reaches out and slams them together, saving arc light from the full brunt of the explosion, that said, they are still close enough to rattle his cage.

Zephyr runs up a crane and smacks the sniper guard, knocking him out.

arc light drops his goon into a water tower taking him out of the fight

Eamon gravity sledges the last foe.

Marionette invests CP in the bus to allow it to become permanant and self repair.
Eamon searches with gravity, finds a tunnel system and stunts tunneling with his gravity talent, ripping holes in the dirt to find a way into the tunnel

we begin exploring and find 3 prison cells in one is a man in tattered clothing with wild ratty hair.  he looks at us and begins to count on his fingers as if in a nervous tic.  It’s Andrew Farmer who we thought was the enemy.

he gives us a 14% chance to survive.

he gives himself 64% chance to survive in his cell, or 3% if he comes with us.

He says we don’t have time to chat. we leave to find the commander.

we scout around and find the commander unconscious chained all kinds of crazy ways to a chair.  Eamon taps him awake with TK, he mumbles at us and things start beeping, then he falls asleep again, the beeping slows.

before we do anything to claim the commander, we search the lair and find the other prisoners.  the traps on each prisoner are clearly wired together, we need to snatch them all at once.  Zephyr works up some magic and Marionette juices his spell up.  between him, eamon and marionette we now have 3 TK using party members and we sync watches, then grab everyone, avoiding cave in traps.  a beeping begins in another tunnel, marionette and arc light work together and disarmed it.  then we free farmer who was in the cell.

Warren Kivalina  is the enemy.  He says he watched him die and now he calls himself oblivion.  Warren isn’t interested in the commander, hes interested in arc light.  Warren says “you know what you did, you’re as guilty as all of us”.  the “accident” wasn’t.  arc light starts spilling the beans without taking the blame.  The process they were working on was supposed to fix brains and possibly repair them.  Z theorizes that warren is deformed or broken somehow, but still has super regeneration.  Marionette suspects that the treatment didn’t take because it wasnt formulated for warren.  Andrew Farmer says “he’s not the guy I knew”.  

Arc Light starts digging into the computer system Warren left behind.  Looking at the access logs he discovers that the loved ones of the magnificent 7 are being surveiled, including Arc’s wife.  he sees vid of arc and his wife talking then it fades to red and black.   session ends.

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