Ceteri B-Team Moment of Awesome

Today we had a good recon and discovery session. It felt very sandboxy and self-driven, which was good. We drove the plot, used some esoteric skills for appropriate things.

And we made concrete out of Holy Water in order to keep some restless dead out of a morgue and hospital. This blew Christopher’s mind. It takes a lot to blow his mind.

More later.

4 thoughts on “Ceteri B-Team Moment of Awesome

    1. I’ll admit I found it pretty inspired. Anything that makes my GM put his head in his hands like that is made of win.

      In reality, I suspect that what such a thing would do if anything would be the “mild aversion” version of turning undead. It’s not pure holy water “burn like Alien blood” kind of thing. It’s not a ritually blessed and inscribed seal. It’s just a “well, maybe you’d rather be somewhere else” suggestion.

      Now, the powerful WARD Amos put on there with magic is a bit harder core.

  1. There is a way to make it more potent – but that involves scribbling Enochian runes on it to properly sanctify the container (the concrete itself). Do that and it’ll function much like any holy object against things susceptible to them.

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