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Why Dungeon Fantasy? Why the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Boxed Set?

Why the Dungeon Fantasy RPG?

So, in another forum, I was challenged: “Sell me on Dungeon Fantasy.” OK. I will:

All the flexibility, tactical combat glory, deadliness, and specificity that GURPS is known for, with the additional benefit that the line editor went through and removed all the stuff you DON’T need.

GURPS is a subtractive system: you have all this modular rules and information, and you have to sort through it and go full Boolean: No, Yes, Yes, Yes, NO!, Yes, No, No . . . so it’s very front-loaded, for the GM and for the players.

But the Dungeon Fantasy RPG does all the work for rules for the GM, reorganized them for digestibility, and then provided niche-protecting templates for again easing the front-loading of character generation.

In terms of “how do I get started in GURPS?” I can think of no better answer than “The DFRPG Boxed Set.”


3 thoughts on “Why Dungeon Fantasy? Why the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Boxed Set?

  1. > and removed all the stuff you DON’T need.

    Yes, assuming this is how you want to play. The biggest problem I had when selling my college RPG Club on GURPS was reducing it enough to be digestible. However, several clubmates ventured that if I reduced it too much we may as well stick to d20 products. When I then offered to run DFRPG for them, the declined. They didn’t want more of the same.

    I’ll gladly support DFRPG because otherwise GURPS products will be held hostage. But, I’d much rather support a Kickstarter for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy (as opposed to Dungeon Fantasy powered by GURPS), if not other GURPS lines.

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