Bloggus Interruptus


That’s all I really have to say. I mean, I knew that my life would change again when we had a second child. I’d forgotten how hard it can be, and how long it lasts (and how short, but that’s no help when you’re in the moment).

Our eldest is not quite five, and she watches superhero cartoons with me, and is probably ready to start learning RPGs. Great.

The little one? The screamin’ demon with a musical name?

Not so much.

By the time we get done with a typical daily routine, my creativity has been pretty well sapped. Gaming prep? For that game I was dying to run? Yeah. That doesn’t happen when it should.

The blog ideas and Pyramid articles I think of? Oh, wait, you want me to think of nifty ideas, structure them, format them to the SJG Style Guide in a way that is coherent and even worthy of playtesting? Right.  Better watch cat videos on YouTube. That’ll be more productive.

Anyway, in the end, it will, of course, be worth it as little M starts to smile socially (started to happen over the last week), and her colic dies down to a dull roar (gulp. usually three to six months is when that subsides. Here’s hoping for three rather than six).

I have a beautiful healthy little girl. This is at the cost of anything resembling sleep and/or husband/wife time, since one or both of us is basically always on duty.

I did manage to jot down a few ideas over the last week at the in-laws’ lake house. I’ve been taking some inspiration from SJG Forum threads, though. There is a half-finished article on my “desk” that will be fun for a lot of people. Plus, of course, the three or four articles already submitted that eventually will see daylight, I hope.

It could be worse, but if you’re wondering why I never post anything anymore, that’s why.

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