The first post on Gaming Ballistic went live tomorrow, three years ago. I decided to start the blog the day after Christmas, 2012. In that first week, I made 11 posts.

Even then, the basic concepts and topics seemed to fall out well. I talked about alternate rules (Grand Universal Smackdown Theory), silencers and firearms, broke down the weapons damage stats, and even then gushed over the Size and Speed/Range Table. I also, thanks to a home improvement project, did a bit of gentle mockery of carrying the proverbial 10′ pole through a dungeon – anywhere indoors, really.

Not a bad first week.

As the third blog year comes to a close, I’ve penned over 680 posts, about 1.6 days per post. Recently, thanks to travel, a new child, and a severe injury, that’s slowed down. I hope to pick it up now that I’m playing in more games again.

2014 was a big year for me, since I got tapped as being a quality blog by both +Jeffro Johnson and +Charles Akins, which was gratifying. From Sept 2013 through Sept 2014 I also recorded and published 18 of my 20 Firing Squad interviews. 

I had my second child in June of 2014 . . . and things slowed down. She was colicky, and time spent writing was given over to soothing the unsoothable. That was a rough period.

2015 saw the laborious but rewarding task of the Violent Resolution, in which I compared five games with many differences as to how they covered some common combat issues. That was fun to write, and led Jeffro to suggest that column and my blog for even more accolades. We’ll see where that goes.

For 2016, I need to execute a few firing squad interviews that I promised I’d do, and hope that my current situation stabilizes enough to get back to more regular posts.

Thanks for journeying with me for all this time. If you’re new, I strongly encourage flipping through the older posts – some of them are pretty quality stuff.

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