Since 2013 or so, I’ve done a GURPSDay post, where I collect GURPS-related posts and publish links. For years, I was able to do this like clockwork, every Thursday morning, which is the release day for GURPS products for SJG. That got a bit . . . squishy . . . as I got busy with publishing, and some days I’d miss. Sometimes I caught it, sometimes not until the next week.

Well, GURPSDay is going through some changes. I’ve finally sat down and figured out how to get WordPress to do what I want it to, more or less.

I’ve finally got a blog roll. Look to the right, and you’ll see any recent posts from blogs I follow. No excerpts, just titles, dates, and author names if they’re provided in the stream.

Also, there’s a new GURPSDay RSS Feed page. This will be updated twice daily, and displayed in reverse chronological order. It displays the most recent 50 posts (which these days covers about three weeks), provides an excerpt of 65 words per posts, and might display an image one day. It’s supposed to, but that requires cooperation on my blog, the plugin, and the target blogs.

So you can check out the most recent GURPS content any time you like.

Game on!

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