Don’t forget to check the weather

Over at Dungeon Fantastic+Peter V. Dell’Orto comments casually that he assumes that the local environment in his Felltower Dungeon Fantasy campaign matches whatever is going on outside his house at the moment.

I thought this was brilliant, and extensible

The internet, plus sites like, weather underground, and apps such as WeatherBug all allow you to get weather data from anywhere on the planet.

It would be a trivial thing, at the start of a game session, to pick a point on the Earth most like your adventuring location and just look it up.

Boom. Temperature, cloud cover, wind condition and direction, chance and type of precipitation. Details that can make your game come alive, without the hassle of weather generation tables.

Thanks for the nifty idea!

One thought on “Don’t forget to check the weather

  1. No problem, Doug. That takes a step further than I do, but I think that's excellent. Why spent days working on your Weather in the World of Whatever when you can say, it's like, uhm Vienna. What's it like in Vienna this time of year?

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