Fantastic Dungeon Grappling Bookmarks!

I think the miniatures will exceed my ability to produce them in this effort. If The Citadel at Nordvorn funds and does well, and the next two projects (call ’em Rosgarth and Forest’s End, for now) do well, I can promise a Norðlond Bestiary, and figures will be a part of that project.

Bookmarks, on the other hand . . . those look very doable.

Here’s my preliminary design:

I’ll print these in UV High Gloss, for maximum re-writability with Dry-erase markers.

They’ll be offered as singles and bundles.

  • $3: One bookmark
  • $10: 5 bookmarks
  • $15: 10 bookmarks
  • $35: 25 bookmarks

Orders in the USA will simply be included in your packaging, which I’ll do myself. Outside the USA, I’ll print in the UK and have them delivered to my fulfillment house (Kixto), where they’ll also be included in your orders. Hopefully that won’t complicated shipping or VAT or customs . . . but because I have no visibility to that, I can’t predict or help there.

But look for the FDG add-ons very soon over at The Citadel at Nordvorn’s Kickstarter page!

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