Apropos of Gaming: Noble Treachery (Board/Card/Dice game)

I have a co-worker, Jay Meyer. He designs games. He found out I had an RPG book coming out, and we started talking about his game play/game design group.

And then he went to Gen-Con, and got inspired.

Now he’s got a kickstarter:

I’m not a huge board game guy . . . but Jeffr0 is. I hooked those two up, and apparently they hit it off, and Jeff just posted his interview with Jay here.

Everyone should check it out. The Great Northern Games website is pretty good, and the 17 principles of game design bear thinking about even for dedicated RPG types.

Also please do check out his Kickstarter page – there has been a lot of good work and really fun/spectacular artwork, so while I recommend becoming a backer, I really recommend going over to check out what he created. It’s worth your time.

Congrats to Jay for launching the Kickstarter and for what looks like a great game. Spread this announcement around, because however we can boost the hobby, we should!

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