Pyramid #3/61: Way of the Warrior

This one will be quick (mostly because I’m having lunch and behind my work firewall), but today’s Pyramid Magazine is out, and it’s tremendous.

What’s in it?

A truly stupendous article by +Sean Punch and +Peter V. Dell’Orto with DF power-ups for the swords and smiting set. This wonderful piece of badassery is 11 pages of pure awesome. Things that showed up on the forums make their appearance, something that seemed to be pulled from the concepts in Technical Grappling is in there (Willful Warrior), plus a nod to Trading Places.

Two articles by yours truly. The first covers how to do real-world moves using Technical Grappling, in step-by-step detail. I think it will appeal to both martial arts aficionados and those whose experience is limited, but also want to have the same sort of great detail that enweaponed fighters enjoy. The other is the TG Designer’s Notes. Those were fun, have some cuts, some notes, and cover how the manuscript came about.

Another DN article by David T Moore, author of Yrth Fighting Styles. It has MOAR STYLES. Seriously, these are really good, and I’m really glad this made it in. He also wrote the Odds and Ends  column in this issue, entitled Reasons to Fight. Good stuff.

Steven bookends the issue as usual, opening with a note that shows how quickly this issue, with its tight focus on hitting stuff, came together. I’ve seen some of what didn’t make it in, and I hope there’s a follow-up. He also hits the mechanics-light aspects of fight pacing and description, which in an often mechanics-intensive game like GURPS is a nice illumination of other ways to go.

More about this, and a detailed article-by-article review will be forthcoming . . . but this is a fun issue, and everyone should buy it.

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