Hall of Judgment: Printing and Shipping Update

I heard back from my fulfillment partner and printer. So, here’s the final word on printing and shipping.


Printing is going to take longer than POD usually takes: 4 weeks from me placing the order to books being ready to ship. I intend to place the order on August 1, right after I send the PDFs out to y’all.

That just gets the books made, though, and it would appear that will take us through August 25 or so.

The book will be pretty cool, though. 140gsm/93# paper, matte finish for readability, with a glossy cardstock cover. If you’re familiar with ACKS Domains at War: Battles, it will be about like that. Perhaps 3/8″ or 9mm thick, 8×10 format. About the size of Spells and Companion put together, I’ll guess.


Once printing is complete, it will take about a week to get them from the printer to the fulfillment company, processed, packed up, and moved out. From that point, it will be hopefully a maximum of three weeks until everyone has their books.

Both the printing and shipping schedules quoted have as much of a week of slop in them. It could be three weeks to print, and two weeks until the first books arrive.

Even so, we’re looking at a span of 5-8 weeks, or delivery of the physical product between September 5 and Sept 26. In short, I will be a month behind my promised date for the physical books.

This irks me.

Shipping Fees

The moment we’ve been waiting for:

  • United States and United Kingdom: $6
  • European Union: $9
  • Everywhere Else: $12

If you’re ordering a bunch of books, expect to pay a bit more per book, but not huge. 2-4 books total is 50% more than listed, and 5-8 books is 100% more than listed. Most folks will only be getting the one book, but if you want more, that’s how prices step up.

Next Steps: Surveys and Processing

The finalization of shipping rates means I can rapidly get things entered into the system and things sent out. That means finalizing addresses, collecting shipping fees, and allowing you guys to allocate your pledge or extra money for add-ons, or just buy add-ons outright. I’ll also ask a few questions about the Kickstarter and potential future products that I would be very pleased if you answered.

So that’s it. Look for a survey from me in the next week or so. I’ll get it out as soon as I can.

6 thoughts on “Hall of Judgment: Printing and Shipping Update

        1. I am likely to send out some preview copies to people whose cards have successfully been charge from the higher tears as soon as the document is in a working state.

          1. Good idea. I only backed at the $10 pdf level, but if you decide to shoot me an advanced copy, anytime after July 20th, I should be able to make reading through it my top priority. (I teach and don’t have any classes this summer.)

            I expect I’ll miss as much as I catch, but I usually catch a few things. (I will not feel slighted in any way no matter what you decide.)

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