GURPS 101 and Melee Academy: Checked ’em out lately?

Some of the regular GURPS bloggers and I have been doing more-or-less monthly features that highlight certain aspects of GURPS.

The first was called Melee Academy (click for the master link list). It was a bunch of article on fighting and fight tactics, with a focus on melee/fantasy combat.

The second feature is GURPS 101 (which had an installment yesterday). For those seeking a grounding in GURPS, this is a great place to start for some of the system’s features.

Have you checked them out lately? If so, what are we missing?

11 thoughts on “GURPS 101 and Melee Academy: Checked ’em out lately?

  1. I just started getting in to GURPS when you guys just started to do GURPS 101. I read through a ton of stuff on Peter's blog and then this series really helped to ground me in some of the GURPS mindset. I've dug through a bunch of the Melee Academy stuff too and it's been very helpful. I'm partial to DF-focused stuff, but in general just keep it coming!

  2. I like these articles very much; I think you, Peter and Chris do a nice job with these, and while I have not yet played GURPS, they very much make me want to play. In fact, they somewhat "de-mystify" the concept. As far as what else might be helpful? I like the idea of combat examples. To compare another game, the D&D Player's Handbook series always included a "this is what D&D is like at the table" scene (always too short for my taste), and I think that combat examples sort of serve that same purpose.

    1. I think automatic weapons and other RoF related things (such as shotguns) would be a good topic. On a personal level, I believe I have a pretty good grasp of how they work, but it does seem to be something which gives people problems. If there is a topic on automatic weapons, I think it should also touch upon how dodge works when trying to dodge such weapons.

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