Forthcoming on the Firing Squad: Ken Hite, Richard LeBlanc, and Erik Tenkar

I’ve got three interviews either lined up or in the works:

+Kenneth Hite has agreed to join me on the Firing Squad sometime shortly. We’ll be discussing GURPS, Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents, and Day After Ragnarok. I’ll try and schedule this one later in the week, but NBA and DAR require some serious digestion. I know what questions I’ll ask for some of this, but I feel I need to steep myself in NBA and DAR prior to an interview. I own ToC, and have played it, so that’s done.

Richard LeBlanc, of New Big Dragon Games Unlimited, will join me to chat about his d30 Sandbox book (and others), plus some of his other interests and upcoming releases. The interview questions are written and have been sent to Richard.

+Erik Tenkar and I will sit down to Vlog about Blogging. On roleplaying, reviews, kickstarters, and (because I probably won’t be able to resist poking) safe words. Again, I pinged him with the question list last night, and we’ll probably try and talk tonight!

Of course, these will be recorded on Hangouts, and there will be video, audio, and text transcripts available. Those transcripts are not free, though, so if any of the above interests you, I’d appreciate a donation to the transcription fund (a 90-minute interview costs $180 to transcribe; it’s “technical” language with often fast-talking speakers and mediocre audio). It’s the “Ballistic Interview Fund” button on the left . . .

6 thoughts on “Forthcoming on the Firing Squad: Ken Hite, Richard LeBlanc, and Erik Tenkar

  1. For what it's worth, these three interviews are likely to cost hundreds of dollars to transcribe properly – none of the money that is donated will wind up in my pocket, and even if for some reason sixty or eighty people all donate $10 or $20 each . . . that will just motivate me to do more interviews. I'm not looking to MAKE money here, just defray expenses!

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