Why write a non-post?

OK, the previous post was a bit of a let-down, right? A perfectly good rant was set up, but it’s not actually a good rant, because, hey, the GURPS rules handle this just fine as-is more or less, from point values from 75 through about 300 (probably less if I stripped all the non-combat stuff from Cadmus).

So why post? Why not just delete it?

Sometimes, things that you think are broken really aren’t. Sometimes, things that you think work great or are “the Rules As Written” just don’t work well.

Calling out what doesn’t work, or amending it, is cool, and helps you play games more to one’s liking.

But calling out what does work is pretty cool to. If it aint’ broke, etc.


I’ve been pretty prolific here, and then nothing. Apparently, the “worry tank” and the “creative writing” tank are connected, because work’s been suck-tastic recently, and I’ve not been in the mood to write about RPGing or GURPS at all.

I distinctly do not like this.

It hasn’t helped that my regular games were both cancelled this week, and the really cool session underneath Ravenscraeg will happen without me, most likely, tomorrow. Well, perhaps +Nathan Joy and the team will find a way to playtest my alternate feints rules.

There’s more in me to write, but I need to recharge the batteries. Hopefully inspiration will strike again soon!

6 thoughts on “Why write a non-post?

  1. Butbutbutbut…Thursday is GURPS-day!

    Seriously though, I know the feeling. I have no doubt inspiration will strike again soon. (Remember the post idea for Rapid Fire–when to use it and alternative rules!)

  2. We're still recovering from the bombshell series of posts that you and Peter tag-teamed into existence.

    Take a break; you deserve it!

    Just go play some games. You'll think of something to say. If not… play some MORE games!!!!

    1. I couldn't agree more with you Jeffro, the information shared here has been quite informative and enjoyable. In any given situation, it is quite interesting to find how the system works even when it doesn't seem to.

      I personally can really enjoy the detail behind it, and how it can really make things very flavorful for those willing to get past some of the complexity of the system.

      Your posts alone have helped me to digest the massive volumes of information that I have purchased that are specific to the System. Additionally, your blog has been giving me the much needed "out of the box" experience-based information that I was needing to sell the system to those at my local game store.

      Combine this all with some of the fun tidbits from the Gaming Community on Google+ and Steve Jackson Games and I feel that I am off to a great start!

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