Melee Academy: Future Topic Announcement

In the spirit of my open invitation to contribute to Melee Academy and GURPS 101 posts:

The topic for Melee Academy for Feb 6, 2014 will be

Fighting People Better Than You

This started life as a not-quite joke between me and +Peter V. Dell’Orto, where we were going to talk about how to use fodder-level creatures to attempt to threaten DF-level characters and parties. He then suggested we look at it from both directions, a general discussion on how to pose a credible threat (either as a GM or player) to foes who are, well, Just Damn Better Than You.

Please think about it, and join us in posting about it on Feb 6. All systems – not just GURPS – are welcome!

5 thoughts on “Melee Academy: Future Topic Announcement

  1. That sounds pretty cool! Since my DF character is not super great at combat, hopefully this will help me make him more effective. I know, a DF character that's not great at combat, super strange…

    1. But a DF character in the Felltower that's not good at combat?! One of the other players advised me against it but I liked the concept way too much not to give it a shot. Can always roll up a new guy 🙂 So far he's 1/1 in not-dying, so that's a good start.

  2. Good idea, that's something I think GMs quite often struggle with.

    Well, since this one is open to all systems, I'll go into my little dark corner and do a part as well but for D&D Next 🙂

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