I note today that Technical Grappling has now sold 300 copies since it went live on Sept 5 or thereabouts. 

Thanks to all who have purchased it, and I hope you are getting good use out of the book!

I won’t lie and say I’m done with it, though. 

Mwa ha ha.

If you haven’t bought a copy yet, I’d surely appreciate it if you would. If you’ve read it and have comments, especially concerning how it works – or could work better – in play, I’d love to hear them!

But mostly, I wanted to say thank you. 

6 thoughts on “Woo hoo! TG hits 300 sales!

    1. The layout is unchanged. These particular changes hardly added or subtracted more than a word. Indeed, when I have made errata in the past (such as to The Last Gasp), I've always made my changes try and be within a few words of the original text, to ensure the flow doesn't change.

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