The Man They Call Jayne

ComiCon came to Minneapolis this year, which made it easy to go. My daughter is a big fan of superheroes and costumes, so for her it’s a three-day non-stop fun fest.

Me too.

Got done with work early, grabbed Short Stack and my wife, and we headed out. Met some friends that I’d not seen in a while: +Jason Ritenour+Gaea Dill-D’Ascoli  (recently returned from a long stint in the Peace Corps), and +Beth Teutschmann, the ever-awesome.

We wandered for a bit, and then Alina reported that the lines for autographs for Adam Baldwin and James Marsters were short – getting to this thing on opening Friday is a good idea.

Meet Adam Baldwin

I enjoyed meeting him, but I want to dwell on the experience for a bit. Not directly as a fan meeting an actor, but about how Mr. Baldwin comported himself – and to give the game away, he’s a gentleman in all respects.

He spent a very long time chatting with the people in front of me. They were dressed up as a few characters from Forgotten Realms, and when they looked at me like “what do you know about that,” I mentioned that I’d just finished the Erevis Cale trilogy – so they were pleased they didn’t have to explain it.

But Adam expressed real curiosity about the costumes, and the people. Sincere conversation.

When it was my turn, he gave me his full attention, and said “Hello, I’m Adam.”

Of course he was . . . but he deliberately wasn’t going to assume he went without an introduction, and he took time to give me a proper firm handshake. I told him I had very much enjoyed his work, and mentioned that +Peter V. Dell’Orto was actually using “Animal” as a model for a gaming character.

I mentioned I’d not heard of The Last Ship, and he gave me a brief pitch. Action-adventure about a Navy crew . . . oh, just watch the trailer.

At that point, Alina and my supergirl-costumed daughter joined us, and the four of us chatted for a bit. I mentioned it was nice to find a real firearms fan in Hollywood, and he noted he was trying to improve his shooting.

As we departed, he quietly said “God Bless,” almost certainly to my wife, since June is going to be a happy time for us. But it was charitable, subtle, and heartfelt.

As I said: a gentleman. I was glad I took the time to meet him.

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  1. I went there with my wife who was specifically going there because of Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion. Adam was super approachable and fun to talk to. I was a little depressed that at the Q&A on Saturday it seemed everyone had questions about nothing but Castle.

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