Apropos of Nothing: ComiCon Minneapolis 2014

This weekend ComiCon came to Minneapolis, so my whole family went.


The costumes, of course, were great. Day 1 I just wore my Gaming Ballistic sweatshirt over a Superman T-shirt, since my daughter was dressed as supergirl (since Supergirl is often portrayed as blonde, she kills this one). I had one guy take her picture, and then say that I needed to be dressed as SuperDad. I pulled up my sweatshirt. He was satisfied. 

Also, talkging to Adam Baldwin (!!), his associate did notice the GB logo, and we talked AR builds. 

Brief interludes with Sean Astin and Nathan Fillion, but nothing like my two conversations with Adam Baldwin, who as I mentioned was a super-nice guy.

Day 2 I decided to stick an old friend down my shirt, and of course this got more comments and “Can I take your picture?!” moments than when my daughter, on day 3, insisted I go full Batman. 

S: Dad, today’s Wonder Woman day. Who are you going to dress up as?
D: Well, I was going to dress up as Dad.
S: No. You’re going as Superman.
D: I don’t have a Superman costume.
S: Then Batman. Get your batman T-shirt, a pair of black pants, and your cape and boots.
D: I guess I’m going as Batman.

Short stack had a great time too, and on day 3, dressed as Wonder Woman, two very kind teen agers asked her for her autograph. She’s four, but wrote WONDR WOMAN * (with a little star!) by sounding out the words, so there you go.

The food was terrible.

On the last day, I made it into a panel discussion with former Lois and Clark star Dean Cain, and I asked him a question about how he felt “filling the tights” and taking on the identity of an American icon. Maybe the American hero. His answer was good – he identified personally with those qualities, and the scripts he was given oozed the right stuff.

Oh, and since I was dressed as batman, he quipped, “Uh-oh. A question for superman from the dark knight.” I replied “Yes, we have a long and complicated history.” Crowd enjoyed it.

But then he mentioned the most recent movie – and he hit something I’d have loved to ask a follow-up question on, which I hit in my review: “Is all I could think about watching the most recent movie was all of the people who probably died in the destroyed buildings in metropolis.”

YES. Precisely. That, even more than him stealing stuff early in the movie, left me the most uncomfortable. Not sure Kal-El could have chosen the battleground differently – he went where the giant death machine was, and where his foes were – but still. I have to imagine Dean or Christopher would have taken the fight to somewhere less inhabited.

Anyway, a good time.


This weekend I achieved closure on a few writing projects. Two Pyramid articles, both inspired by my Alien Menace campaign. The two together would be about six Pyramid pages total if published. Was good to cross them off the list, though.

The game was cancelled this weekend, though. One player was sick, another just kinda thrashed after a hard week. I was thinking I’d be at ComiCon (turns out I was back in time). So we’ll play again mid-May. I did get all the game prep done, so I can instead work on other things or plan ahead for the next mission.

I learned a lot from the first one about the size of the challenges, too. To do a one-session, four hour game, you probably want the maps smaller in physical area than the one I laid down. But keeping that moving is another story, and another post.

I have one more article in my “must finish soon” pile, and then I can start a new set of projects.

Parting Shot: Pictures

My parting shot for this one is pictures from the event. 

3 thoughts on “Apropos of Nothing: ComiCon Minneapolis 2014

  1. "Short stack had a great time too, and on day 3, dressed as Wonder Woman, two very kind teen agers asked her for her autograph. She's four, but wrote WONDR WOMAN * (with a little star!) by sounding out the words, so there you go."

    That is the single best thing I have read in days!

  2. Wonder which batman you were? Wife and I saw a guy running around all day as the Chris Nolan version, which triggers quotes of opportunity from the Bat Dad videos.

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