Go welcome Chain Link and Concrete

New blog alert!

+Michael Eversberg II is blogging, and covering topics near and dear to my heart. Weapons, guns, fighting, GURPS, and he’s got d20 stuff in there too.

Go check out his stuff, and you’ll find longish, well thought out posts covering a lot of combative stuff.

Chain Link and Concrete. Go read it.

One thought on “Go welcome Chain Link and Concrete

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I'm still trying to find "my voice", and the blog is sort of mostly a scratch pad for getting words out of my head. My early combative stuff is getting a revision so some posts in the near future are going to be dedicated to that (along with a long list of just misc. stuff that's better posted somewhere than mouldering in Google Drive or my myriad GM binders). Thanks again!

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