Thursday is GURPSDay! EVERY DAY is GURPSDay!

Just a reminder: the GURPDay blog roll updates continuously.

You can always check it out here:




If you have a blog of your own, and you tag/categorize (pick one for your feed!) your posts “GURPS,” then I can add you to the list.

I do ask that you keep your feed tagged, and GURPS-only. Otherwise: check ’em out. Well over 100 are on the list, though not all publish frequently.

One thought on “Thursday is GURPSDay! EVERY DAY is GURPSDay!

  1. Hello Douglas,
    Just something for you to think about. One problem with the new feed format is that after a time it is impossible to find old post from the GURPSDay Feed. I realized this today when I was trying to find a post about using martial styles with GURPS Fantasy that I read the other day, but it is no long available from the feed.
    Good luck.

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