Aeon S4E2 – It was a Syria Killer

Dramatis Personae

  • The Commander (Doug) – telekinetic super-soldier with a really angry dog (Yukio). The dog is a powerful ally (250-300 points) and very intelligent and very, very aggressive.
  • Zephyr (Merlin) – Real name Murui; Shaolin Kung Fu expert and super-speedster.
  • Eamon Finnegan (Kyle) – smooth talking gravity-master; Ultimate Fighting Lawyer, to borrow a phrase.
  • Ezekiel (Christian) – Techno Master, Genius, Esper, Super Archer
  • Katana (NPC) – Will be The Commander’s wife one day. She knows it to be true. Recently revealed to be the 4yo little girl from the time-vision plot arc. The Commander cannot date a kid he knew when she was four. Icky.

Syria Killer

So we turn over the disc, but we need some of the raw data from a location in Syria in order to make things go well. Stealth is not a requirement for this mission. So go in, get what we need, get out, by any means necessary.

We’ll be sent over there by Kestral aircraft, a fusion-powered vertol capable of carrying two Humvees really fast.

We gear up and head out with minimal fuss; we try and find the location, using clairvoyance, but the image is fuzzed. We eventually find the place. We decide to try NOT being subtle this time. Come in, crush the satellite dishes, and enter the loading dock in full assault mode. Just to be different.

Zephyr runs up at super speed, and . . . ooo. The opposition critically succeeds on, well, something. We decides Zephyr’s new hero name is FUBAR. He asks he can roll to disbelieve the foe’s critical success. He’s told no.

He does a runaround attack (roll at -15 to hit the back of the head) and still pastes him, and his friend. So much for the outer guards. He takes a Wait (if he sees a bad guy, run up and beat him down too).

Ezekiel goes to shoot a flash-bang arrow (expert archer; he definitely needs a boxing glove arrrow too), and stuns both of them; The Commander runs in and shoots one of them in the face. The other sees Yukio the Dog of War running after him and immediately joins Team Nope.

The commander gets surged, his electronics short out, and he’s in pain for -2 penalty to just about everything for the rest of the combat.

With little warning, Zephyr is pulled into the ground.

Hrm. It’s almost like they saw us coming.

Eamon goes to crush out the satellite dishes. Squish. Done.

The Team Nope guy tries to shoot Yukio, who dodges. Zephyr stunts to try and escape from his sandy hole. Murui fires an explody arrow into the east loading door, killing another guard, while The Commander fires three rounds at a new target . . . one round hits his shoulder, but he disappears into the floor, through some sort of portal. Hrm. Someone’s cheating.

Every light in the building shuts off.

The Commander gets hit with another major jolt of energy, and is down to 3HP (of 24) remaining.

Things get interesting, and folks start shooting at me; I dodge. Yukio dodges. Zephyr runs in, taking a half-move to get close to The Commander so he can try and heal him up next turn. The Commander, in turn, hits the locals with one of his magical 10d(10) explosion bullets, and kills 3. Except for that guy that just showed up behind me, the entry room(s) are now clear.

Behind me, I hear Yukio yelp, and he’s then buried up to his neck in the floor. This teleporting guy is getting on my nerves. Eamon tries to crush him with gravity, and he disappears into the floor again.

Zephyr totally heals up The Commander; he’s no longer in pain and is at full HP. Go go gadget healing spells! Yukio bursts out of the ground, then starts digging. His paws look a little funny, and he gives me a look that says “You do what you need to; Imma gonna chase a rat.” OK. The Commander runs forward and shoots another mook in the brain.

Zephyr’s up. He sees a mook in a short distance – he burns a fatigue point to move quickly, and he’s gonna beat him down and then head over to help Eamon.

In the distance, power flickers on and off. Sounds like explosions from a distance. Someone comes to awareness, and begins to gain agency. The players begin to sense extreme interference or disturbance coming from the north. The being gains consciousness, and sees people pointing guns at him. “It would be unwise to shoot at this entity.”

Did he just talk in third person? Yeah! Shoot him! Dude, it goes right through him!

Zephyr runs over to our phasing friend, Feints, and makes it by . . . 26.

Twenty. Six. Twenty-six. 20+6.


Then he crits the head shot. Momma’s gonna knock you out! And he goes down.

And then Zephyr rolls a flourish, and makes that by 18.

Yukio suddenly emerges with a very much unconscious body of our phaser. The commander runs around the corner, shoots a mook in the brain, and hears the agonized scream of someone burning to death in the next room. The wall next to The Commander starts to glow red with heat.

People start to run like hell from the burning man. The Commander is confused. He engages in brief conversation with the energy being, who says that this was the best movie he’s seen.

But the reactor is starting to overload – the energy being walks over and stops the meltdown. Eamon crits a Physics roll, and determines that the machine is an advanced Kyberian energy reactor. They were trying to figure out how to increase the output. Hrm.

We dig into the computers, find the right encryption keys and raw data, as well as plans for the reactor itself. Last entry by Dr. Alexander Stevens. We watch as Dr Stevens was working on it, it overloads . . . and he disappears.

Originally, they brought it to this place to study it; the last lead engineer was assassinated. The prototype was not of terrestrial origin.

Hrm. Aliens. That’s new.

We peel open the base like a tin can, and make to take the reactor. We move it to the Kestrel, and are warned that our buddy The Entity is giving off a crap-ton of radiation.

You got me what?

We present it to General Legend. We got the data, we got plans for the reactor, we got the reactor itself, and brought back the entity we now call E-MC. Who’s hungry, so he takes a snack or bite out of . . . the electrical power of the base. I tell Gen. Legend that it’s his problem. Legend of course, make it mine, and assigns him to our team.

We put two more prisoners in chemical comas; they’re quite nasty.

We study him a bit. He’s probably the most powerful energy controller we’ve encountered. He is somewhere between a being of pure energy, and one of pure will.

We sort stuff out, and end there.

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