Citadel at Nordvorn: Two-thirds Funded!

Status and Trajectory

Today we passed $8,667, which marks the two-thirds of the way in the Citadel at Nordvorn’s campaign funding. We hit that before the official midpoint of the campaign, which is this Thursday, March 7.

We are, of course, not funded until we’re funded: Kickstarter is all or nothing. We’ve got about 200 folks who are following the campaign who have not yet pledged; we’ll need about 70% of such folks to come in at the campaign average to hit the basic funding goal. Most projections suggest we’ll make it, but it’ll be close: maybe $14,500 to $16,000 (of coruse, $16K is the first stretch goal for a 112-page book, so that number has real meaning).

Bookmarks Added

As you probably saw, I added some bookmarks to support the Fantastic Dungeon Grappling rules found in Hall of Judgment, which are also tuned to some FDG tweaks found in this blog post. If the license comes through as it should, both the bookmarks and the stand-alone grappling will be available in print and PDF before this Kickstarter ends.

I’ve definitely got the source for the bookmarks nailed down in the USA, and pretty sure I’ve got that licked in the rest-of-world case too.

Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2/Boxed Set Reprint

For those that missed it, tomorrow will see the launch of the Kickstarter for Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2. If it funds, it will also see a reprint of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG boxed set.

For what it’s worth, I feel this is an opportunity. If you’ve read Sean’s foreword, Hall of Judgment played no small part in re-kindling SJG interest in this product line. I’m going to back the campaign, even though I’ve already got two of the boxed sets.

I hope folks will fund that campaign and this one. I have this setting, and two straight-up adventures in development to support the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. For those for whom Norse-based adventure settings are ho-hum, success with these allows me to branch out into other things with other authors. I’m not planning on only doing Viking stuff, however appropriate that is for a Minnesota native!

With luck, awareness of the Boxed Set/Monsters Book will stimulate awareness and interest in Hall of Judgment and Citadel at Nordvorn as well!

New Reward Level: Viking Raider

With that in mind, if you missed the Kickstarter for Hall of Judgment, and want to string the two books together into a campaign, a new reward level has been added!

Hall of Judgment is a very pretty book, and a great example of what you’ll get with Citadel as well.

Still on the fence? Read these two reviews: one by Octopus Carnival, the other by the Blind Mapmaker, with my commentary on the review (which I thought positive and fair) on my blog here.

That’s all for now! Hopefully my next post will have some exciting developments in writing (closing in on being done) and the cover art!

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