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There have been a few posts recently on the SJG Forums that have brought up Technical Grappling. While my old Blogger site had a nifty index page for all my grappling posts and their titles, called The Grappling Mat, this one doesn’t. At least not yet.

But I did want to lay down the various things I’ve written that might be helpful, so without further ado:

GURPS Grappling Step-by-Step

  • What is Grappling anyway? – At the most basic level, what is grappling and what are you trying to do when you grapple?
  • Grab him – How do you establish a grapple on your foe?
  • Grab him better – In systems that support it, how do you improve the quality of your grapple (specifically Technical Grappling, but there are variants of this in regular GURPS too)?
  • Achieve a dominant position – How do you take your grapple and use posture, postion, and situational modifiers to make your grapple or follow-on strikes have maximum advantage?
  • Win – What does “winning” a grapple even mean? And once we understand that, how do you do it?
  • Defending yourself from grapples – On the other hand, if someone tries to grapple you, how do you do it?

Alternate Rules

  • Grip Strength Made Easy (Easier) – Grip ST is a concept introduced in TG that can be tricky; another poster worked something out worth looking at to simplify it.
  • Alternate Damage Mechanics for Technical Grappling – While the gain/spend Control Points mechnics work overall, they occasionally produce cognitive dissonance or odd results. A few different methods of addressing this are introduced.
  • Alternate Grappling: Damaging Takedowns – Sometimes simply getting thrown to the ground hurts, and you don’t need fancy-pants Judo to make it hurt. A few alternate rules to make getting turfed suck more.

TG Commentary and Errata

Styles and Methods

Let me know if any of the links are broken; I know the images are. I’ll try and go through each post and put it in the new Gaming Ballistic style (they didn’t all transfer well from Blogger) over time.

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