We’re halfway there! From a time perspective, as well as financially, though projections are still as good as guesses in a networked world. The Kickstarter went live two weeks ago today, and we are currently marching through towards the final two stretch goals – paying for all full-color interior art and also commissioning a great cover.

So thanks to all who have pledged to get us this far! But we still have two weeks left, so where are we, and were are we going?

The Round Table

Firstly, if you haven’t heard it already, you might want to nip over to The Tome Show and hear James Introcaso and I discuss the game extensively on The Round Table Ep 146. If you are on the fence about the game, or are trying to figure out how to entice others to back it so that things can get even nicer, or are just wondering what sensibilities animate the design of the game . . . the conversation with James has you covered.

He’s a great host, and it was a great discussion.

Status and Progress

Just today I sent Nathan a note musing about what would go into the book, cover to cover, in every edition. You guys are my investors, so here’s the basic contents of that note:

  • Cover. I need two covers, one with the bar code and ISBN for the PDF, and another for the print version, which will have the DTRPG SKU on it. I will need a front/back cover image, the relevant bar codes and spaces, the front and back text, and the various logos for compatibility. I don’t have the custom cover yet, but basically everything else is in hand. Nathan has agreed to help me compose those into a print-ready cover.
  • Title Page. This is optional. I like ’em, but I’ll look at final page count after everything else is said and done. Still, that’s words-on-a-page level stuff. No work there.
  • Title/Credits Page. I’ll need two of these, one per ISBN. But other than replacing that number, this is done.
  • Table of Contents. This gets done last, automatically. Push button, receive content. Boom.
  • Main Body. Done, except for the art. All the art direction is finished. I have been receiving sketches from artists. I’m embellishing some of the chapter pages (Chapter 1: Core Concepts) with background images sourced from Dyson Logos and Stephan Joy (that’s an impromptu upgrade, ’cause I like both of their work). Once the art is done, the main body is done.
  • Backer List. Will receive this when the campaign is done, and we’ll sort it by tier, as promised.
  • Quick-Reference Guide. Two pages of tables and calculations all in one place.
  • Index. Done.
  • Hyperlinks and Internal References. Will be done when all is assembled. Not sure how extensive this will be, but the PDF will make use of both layers (for print-friendly behavior) and internal click-and-jump so that you can easily navigate within the book.

And that’s the book, cover to cover. It is THAT close to done. Art, a bit of block and tackle, and then finished. Continue reading “Halfway there! (Duplicates Dungeon Grappling Update #13)”


Still working the kickstarter, of course! Things are going well, and the KS is trending to roughly hit the “full color” stretch goal. Of course, in my Update #11 I promised to deliver full-color anyway, but having all of that art fully covered would be nice, and if we overfunded my team could get bonuses. I’d like that, and so would they.

I was on Shane Plays radio last weekend, and we had a great talk about gaming in general. You can find it on podcast here. That was my first time doing live radio, so new experience for me.

also recorded a session with James Introcaso on his Round Table, and we spoke for quite a while. That podcast should go live Monday, and we spent a great deal of time getting into grappling and game design, and why Dungeon Grappling scratches that particular itch better than other rules may have. It was a great conversation, and I hope you can make time for it. Continue reading “Gaming Ballistic LLC – Update for 11/18”

As always, I want to start off by thanking you for your support thus far. We’ve successfully funded the project, and unlocked the first stretch goal.

Where are we now?

Obviously, we are about 10 days into the campaign, and have raised about $2,165. This is great, and based on Kickstarter fees, shipping costs, and printing costs for the book, this means that about $1,500 will come to me in order to pay the artists and other contributors for their work. (I get paid last, if at all, for the record.)

That’s pretty good! It’s a bit less than half of the raw, out-the-door costs to make the book everything I want, based on the best information I have to date – which is obviously better information than I had when I started the campaign. My estimate was that it would take $5,000 to hit all of my goals for the book; at current distribution of reward selections, we’ll hit the “get everything done” level at about $4,500 in pledges. If everyone suddenly goes print-happy and orders one book each, that will require $6,150. So my budgeting process was pretty good. This pleases me.

Where will we wind up?

Backerkit projections are both more pessimistic and more realistic, I think. They suggest $3,000-$5,800, with a most likely value of $4,400. Kicktraq uses fairly crude algorithms, it would seem, and suggests about $5,400, with a range from about $4,100 to $6,800.

So paying for everything the book needs is not crazy-talk, but it’s not certain, either.

More Backers!

The best thing for the project is to spread the word. Talk to your friends, ask them to check it out, and pledge. We’re a long way from there now, but if we could get in the neighborhood of 500-1000 backers, things become conceivable that simply are not at lower volumes. Continue reading “Dungeon Grappling – Week 2 Update (Duplicates Update #11)”

While the letter-size, two-column format is great for printing and reading on hardcopy and large screens, on a small screen such as most tablets and smartphones, that two-column format can be . . . downright annoying.

Thanks to your generosity and support, we have unlocked the $2,000 first stretch goal! Every backer who at least orders the PDF version will also receive an eBook format at no extra charge.

Once again, thanks for helping to make this happen!



The alpha and the omega of GBLLC this week was the Kickstarter – the video prep, the launch, and hitting F5 like a ferret on crack all week.

In other news, I’ll be on the Shane Plays radio show from basically 1-2pm tomorrow. Not sure what Shane’s going to ask me about, but I’m sure we’ll cover GURPS, Dragon Heresy, and of course Dungeon Grappling.

Dragon Heresy

No progress this week, really.

Dungeon Grappling

Well, lots of news here, of course.

Started the Kickstarter on time, and hit 70% funding on Day one (about $900). Since rumor and rule of thumb predicts that you’ll get about 3x your first day’s total, that’s funding, but not all the stretch goals. However, the DFRPG hit 6-7x with a nice, steady ascent, which for me would be $5,0000-$6,000. Continue reading “Gaming Ballistic, LLC – Update for 11/11”

funded-dg-kickstarterThanks to the generous contributions of both existing and new backers, boosted in no small part by the print offering, the Dungeon Grappling Kickstarter has funded at the basic level.

I am pleased and incredibly grateful that you have chosen to put your faith in me. That the project has funded means that I can now begin art direction – and will do so immediately. Thank you for your support!

At this level, I will be asking for 16 black-and-white pieces of art that will sit within a full-color laid-out manuscript.

The next goal is to create an eBook layout, in single column, to allow easy reading on tablets, phones, and small screens. After that, as we get more and more funding, more and more of that art will be converted to full color. Once the existing art is colorized, I will start adding a few more pieces, and finally at the last goal, I will commission a full-color, fully spectacular cover art for the book.

Once again – thank you for your patronage, your faith, and your trust.

Live to Grapple. Grapple to Live.


Hernan’s at it again, going on and trying to build the best VTT out there. I like Roll20, and I like FantasyGrounds just fine, but I like to support VTTs in general, and Hernan in particular. Some of the features he has – like tokens that can “lie down” and go from one hex to two, and I’m sure he has a lot in mind for this one.

So check it out, and pledge as much as you can! The RPG world is better when there are lots of great options, forcing folks to up their game.

So, as of the end of Day 2, we are 87% of the way to the basic funding goal, so things are going fairly well. A very low level of pledges will get us to the basic goal, but of course, I really want to hit at least the $4,000 level, so that I can fill the book with art. If we close in on that, there will likely be a few more stretch goals and reward levels I can comfortably add.

Dungeon Grappling has also gathered some early comments and a few reviews, where I invited someone to read the laid-out preliminary manuscript. Thus far, they’ve read it, and posted their review with no compensation or interactions with me from a “write about this” or “avoid that” level. They do, of course, tend to be folks that I’ve interacted with before. All of the folks I mention below (and likely more coming) are backers of the project. Continue reading “Dungeon Grappling – Update #4 (Early Reviews)”

Hard to kill

One of the tricks about heavy, thick armor is that it’s hard to put a sword through. Or a spear, arrow, or much of anything. A pollaxe ought to do it.

This is reasonably well represented in dungeon gaming through the abstraction of Armor Class, in that it is more difficult for a character to to land an effective hit on a foe in thick armor.

Easy to Grab

On the other hand, many of the old fighting manuals focused on grappling foes in heavy armor. That’s because being encased in mail or 2 to 4 millimeters of forged steel doesn’t make you harder to grab (though it may make you harder to lift).

Dungeon Grappling enables this explicitly, adding a nuance to fights in your games that might not be present today.

Consider a guy with DEX 18, which is good for anywhere from a +1 to a +4 bonus depending on edition. Let’s go with the +4. In recent editions, wearing heavy armor caps that – in fact, no bonus at all is provided, but in plate armor you are AC 18.

The Grapple DC for this character, with the rules presented in the book? Grapple DC 10.

Coup de Grace

So now, the go-to method for dealing with heavily-armored knights is probably wrestling them to the ground so you can stick a dagger in a vulnerable spot.

Kinda like this:

Dungeon Grappling. For all your can-opening needs!