Feb 6 is Melee Acadmey: All systems welcome!

The topic for the Feb 6 Melee Academy is “fighting people better than you.”

Got advice for Pathfinder? GUMSHOE? FATE? Have at it, just define all terms for those who might not be that familiar, and throw down how to go after bad guys who one on one can kick your butt.
Bring friends?
Attack from stealth?
Nuke ’em from orbit?
Taunt them a second time?
I don’t know . . . you tell me.

6 thoughts on “Feb 6 is Melee Acadmey: All systems welcome!

    1. "How to flee like Sir Robin and not get eaten from behind" is your assignment, should you choose to accept it. If you have a blog, send me the link. If you don't, send me the post and I'll host it. 🙂

  1. Nuke em from orbit, that's the only way to be sure. But if you lack a nuke then a flashbang may be just as good. Just don't let them win the initiative and don't let them survive the first round. But should they survive, make sure you have a load of lead flying their way so they don't dare raise their head from that hole the ducked it in to save their life and then quickly bring in the artillery on them.

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