Bestiary for GURPS Fourth Edition arrived in the mail today

Wait, what?

But GURPS doesn’t have a formal bestiary!

No it does not. But during my interview with Ken Hite a few days ago, I had cause to open and digest GURPS Horror for Fourth Edition. I owned Horror 2ed, which of course is for GURPS Third Edition. I’ve never been into horror gaming, I realized, so I passed over Ken’s Third edition.

But when I was going to interview him, I picked up a few of his works: Night’s Black Agents and Horror, plus Trail of Cthulhu.

Imagine my surprise when I found that Horror is basically chock full of . . . monsters.

There are fourteen categories of fear in the Table of Contents. Each one has multiple monsters statted up as templates.

Just figure out what your monsters are supposed to represent, and have at it.

Oh, you just want a nasty warrior orc guy? Nab +Peter V. Dell’Orto‘s . . . DF15: Henchmen. Take a human or humanoid template, add a role-specific lens, and go.

Now, this mightn’t be as satisfactory as Fromer’s Guide to Goblins, with 128 pages of various species and subspecies of cannon fodder. But it is effective, and more importantly for me, fast.


Thursday is GURPS-Day, and this is unusually light for me. But I’ve been up the last two nights first interviewing Ken, then editing the video. It’s two hours of awesome. If I get enough clamor, I might put up the video and MP3 file right away, and then post the transcript when it’s available, likely early next week.

3 thoughts on “Bestiary for GURPS Fourth Edition arrived in the mail today

  1. I would love it if GURPS DF and GURPS Horrors were to mix into a book of DF monsters. Horror monsters are my favorite monsters to stock dungeons with.

    1. There are 26 monsters of 200 points and up in Horror, counting quickly. Some of them are 900-1200 points, which would make for a rather intense boss monster.

      Horror IS a book of DF monsters, as-is.

      DFM1 has 30 monsters/categories of monsters and 11 monster prefixes.

      The two aren't that far apart, and you can mix and match freely. Hell, a bunch of them are coded into GCA.

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