The lorica proect is completed.

Good: definitely doable, and the pattern works out ok. The insertion of coat hanger wires to make the cardboard hold its shape works great.

Mediocre: really need the system of hinges, pins, and ties that the actual romans used. I tried to “simplify’ with velcro, which ironically means that you need flush-fit for all the connections. Pins and ties bridge gaps better. Also, elmers glue is ok for gluing the ribbon for the inner harness, but hot glue gun? Works wonders.

Bad: you really need to make these to fit. I cut the original to fit the typical smallish person, and that was too large for my slender girl’s neck and shoulders. i had to buff out the shoulder guards, and she’ll need to wear a shirt with shoulder pads (historically accurate!) to make it hang right.

The inner harness/ribbon is very important, and while ribbon works, you really want the hot glue gun to secure it to the cardboard rather than the elmers, which isn’t tenacious enough to manhandle.

I finally embellished it a bit. The originals have brass hinge-work, so I figure it’s legit.

Final product and larger pix after the break. Hey, maybe next time I’ll take the time and make some for myself, too . . .

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