Winding down the Blogger site (hopefully by end of October)

Blogger Wind-down

Well, the time is almost here. I finally resolved the problems that were plaguing me on importing my posts into WordPress – turns out you need to do a few things:

  1. Use Blogger Importer Extended
  2. Roll back your WordPress to 4.5.3 or before
  3. If you’ve imported before, reset your database

That third one can almost certainly be done by navigating to some code line(s) in the database and telling it to “forget” BIE was ever run. But I don’t know how to do that, so resetting it is.

Oh, and by-the-way, that reset takes all your style information with it, so welcome to the OLD version of this site, without my fun themes and whatnot. Hopefully Daniel, my web design guru, kept backups.

In any case, I will be transitioning to this site exclusively as I get busy with the business of business.

I will continue to try and get Blogger Importer Extended to bring in all of the images and links, but honestly, so long as the content and the comments get moved over, I can deal with it.

So, I plan to wind down the Blogger site by the end of October, I hope. All new content will appear here. I’ll probably leave the old site around until the end of the year, and then delist it.

Hopefully y’all will bear with me through the transition, but it should be fairly painless, and I will have a nice new site, retail capability, and a few nifty products to share by then . . . so it should be worth it.

2 thoughts on “Winding down the Blogger site (hopefully by end of October)

    1. GURPSDay will remain. The Gaming Ballistic blog will continue to be “stuff Doug likes,” which will always include GURPS. If anything, it’s the Dragon Heresy specific information that will migrate to a dedicated page as game updates, while more generic RPG stuff will be on the RPG part of the company site.

      As far as I’m concerned even if Gaming Ballistic starts to make a billion bucks a year, I’ll still run and host the GURPSDay compilation on my site.

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