More uses for Tactics in GURPS

This was a bit of off-the-cuff, but I wonder if there should be a few more uses for Tactics, or the re-rolls granted by virtue of a successful Tactics contest, in GURPS. Tactics seems like it should do more, to me, anyway.

Things like:

  • Make a Tactics roll to get the benefit of partial cover when doing a retreating Dodge and Drop vs. an explosion. This would be to get the benefit of micro-environmental cover (that six to eight inch wave in the ground? Find it!) where such exists.
  • I wonder if you could use re-roll points to declare a Wait-and-Move on your turn. Basically, represent outguessing the enemy’s actions by letting him move first, then adjusting accordingly – even interrupting his move. He rushes you? You were waiting, and can move away.
  • As combat starts, when setting the turn order, look up your margin of success on a Tactics roll on the Size (and Speed/Range) Table. Make the Tactics roll by 5? You get +2 to your Speed for the purpose of setting initial turn order.
What other uses of Tactics (or Evaluate, for that matter) have you played with in your GURPS games?

3 thoughts on “More uses for Tactics in GURPS

  1. I'd say the micro-cover option would also be a good use for Soldier, and I'd expand both to let you add 1 yard to your retreat distance against area effect attacks: basically saying that you're hanging out on the very edge of your hex and retreat just past the boundary of the +1 hex, but still enough to matter.

    The second and third uses seem pretty marginal, but I'd go with both of them if people really wanted that. The Wait-and-Move does seem pretty cool.

  2. I play[ed] in a PvP GURPS arena game (message board play-by-post format, which actually works very well for arena-style games), in which the start of each match featured a QC of Tactics. The winner automatically converted their first critical failure to a regular failure, or their opponent's first critical success to a regular success. Sort of a modified/toned-down take on the re-roll approach, but one that worked well for the context.

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