Special GURPSDay for DF Kickstarter

GURPS is getting a much-needed shot in the arm thanks to the Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter. It has met and exceeded its funding goals, and the SJG team have made it so that any purchases of GURPS products on Warehouse 23 also count for “how well did the KS do” when it comes to stretch goals.

As a by-the-way, there were some last-minute goals added. They’re good.

I upped my bid to $550, committed to go to GenCon in 2017 (though that was a bit of enlightened self-interest too), and am looking forward to meeting Sean and some of my long-time collaborators in person.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which as always is GURPSDay. Since I started it in January, it’s grown to over 60 blogs, some of which post every day, others post less frequently, but we tend to average about one post per blog, or a bit less.

This means that over the last 9 full months, 36 or so weeks, there have been thousands of posts. That’s a lot of content being generated by a pretty vibrant community.

So tomorrow, a day before the Kickstarter ends, I’ll be posting the last 25 posts from each blog. That could be 1,500 links (it won’t be; WordPress only pulls the last 10, Blogger goes to 25). But you will be able to see what’s going on.

You will be tempted to join in. Start a blog. Write stuff. Show your creativity. And support the system, so that we can get more great stuff like the DF Boxed Set.

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