Steve Jackson Games has put a whole bunch of books on a bundle sale. If you order the CreateSpace reprint bundle for just over $200, you also get a copy each of the hardcover version of the Basic Set: Characters and Campaigns.

That’s 10 books for $215. Characters and Campaigns alone will normally run you $85, which means the other 8 softcovers are on offer for just over $16 each. High-Tech suggested retail is $30.

It’s a good deal, and a great way to get into GURPS.

And to address a commonly made point: Low-Tech is still in print, so if you want that one, you can get it from W23. Martial Arts, which is and should be on everybody’s must have list, is unfortunately not yet available on CreateSpace, though I certainly hope it will be soon (no inside info there, just a hope).

Meanwhile, as long as you’re spending, you might as well get a copy of GURPS Technical Grappling and Dungeon Grappling as well, because why not?(PDF-only on W23; if you want DG in hardcover, well, my store can fix you up with a signed copy!)

2 thoughts on “GURPS Reprint Bundle

  1. I’m looking forward to Supers getting the CreateSpace reprint treatment. But, yeah, Martial Arts should definitely get done up for POD.

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