Dragon Heresy Preliminary PDFs: Almost in the can

I know I said progress reports on Monday, but the last 24 hours were amazing. The preliminary PDF files are basically done.

The Basic Combat Rules for the Berserker pledge level are finished. I laid them out instead of just a word file. They’re 51 pages long.

The full PDF is now in a playable, sort-of-complete state. I believe I’ve got everything that’s going to be in the book in the book. All the text (all edited but Foes), tables, art holes and some art, placeholders for the Index and ToC, the AppendX, and a character sheet.

It comes in at 292 pages for now, and my goal will be to get it down to 288, which is a bit more than I was shooting for, but it shouldn’t change much.

I was not expecting to be this far along by today, so I was able to turn a draft over to Christopher for indexing to begin.

This doesn’t really bring me “ahead” of schedule, but it does keep me solidly on schedule.

Regardless, my plan was to have a playable if unfinished (meaning “fit and finish,” not “still writing rules” PDF ready for you guys to start reading and using the day the KS funds settle. I expect to receive notice of that on Monday (it should have been tomorrow, but I suspect ‘first business day’ will do), and then 1-3 business days (probably 3) to hit the bank. When that happens, I’ll send out the files and push the button on the surveys.

Pre-orders are also open. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still order the books through Backerkit!

There’s actually more news coming: Dragon Heresy is getting its own website. But I’ll cover that when it’s farther along!

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