Hall of Judgment Cover Update!

Today I updated the cover for Hall of Judgment. It had to be resized for 8×10 format, I used a more readable font that echoes the choices inside the document for the title and author slug, and new no-background Dungeon Fantasy RPG logos. A bit of tweaking of the back-cover text as well.

I also got a major interior file milestone done today. All things that needed to be written have been written. I still might put in a few hundred words on one subject in the wilderness section, but by and large, we’re in the “proofing and tweaking and spelling and layout consistency” stage until I can send out a preliminary file.

I ran into a snag with Backerkit today, or else y’all would have your surveys already. I expect to fix that tomorrow afternoon, and then surveys will go out. I’ve asked more questions than usual in this one, but you can always just put “NA” and move on if you don’t want to answer.

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