Dungeon Fantasy Boxed Set: Interview with Line Editor Sean Punch

The Firing Squad welcomes Sean Punch

I had the opportunity to sit down once again with GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch for a 90-minute interview concerning the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Boxed Set.

The Kickstarter is ongoing – and to back the Kickstarter is to vote for more physically printed GURPS products.

The interview is fairly clear, though Sean and I both talk fast, and there will be some interruptions in the flow.

This is the first Firing Squad video in over a year . . . sorry for making you wait so long!

If you don’t have time for the full 90-minute show (but you should make time for it, because Sean’s an engaging speaker and I mostly just shut up and listen), at least listen to this seven minute long pitch about the DF boxed set, and what’s in it for you, and why it matters to the future of GURPS.

Seven Minute Summary


And for those with more time on your hands, here’s the full video:


Full 90-minute Interview

As always, as soon as I can make it happen, there will be an MP3 file and a transcript available.

Hey, and why not? Here’s the first interview I ever did, and also my first with Sean.


7 thoughts on “Dungeon Fantasy Boxed Set: Interview with Line Editor Sean Punch

    1. Mine too. More as I've gotten older and realized the more of that kind of stuff the players get to do, the better the game is. Also, that injecting humor into the game will happen, you either have to get on the train with the players or just grind your teeth at Monty Python references and people naming your rock trolls "Derps."

  1. I'm finding Sean's side of this interview hard to listen to, there's a lot of nasty audio artifacts. I've given up for now, it's so much of an effort to make out the words he's saying I have no brain capacity left to consider what it actually means.

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