Dragon Heresy: Hardcover Fulfillment Begins

I have 140 individual packages to mail. 70 of those are single hardcopies; another 34 are double-books. The remainder, which hopefully is 36 people, were more complicated orders. The most impressive was four books; slightly behind that was three hardcopies plus two softcovers! Hardcopy fulfillment has begun for real. Finally!
(That also means if you order a hardcopy, you’ll get it right away!)

In any case, all of the complicated orders are done. I like to process those first because, well, they’re complicated. They are mix-and-match for inventory, and I like to ensure they get done one shipping group at a time.

The first batch went into the mail earlier today; the second batch will go into the mail before noon tomorrow. I do expect to get the 33 double-book orders (well, 29 of them, because I had to order more mailers) done tomorrow, and a solid number of single-book orders as well. The goal is to pretty much get every book I have a mailer for (all but four) into the post by Friday, which should be doable.

The books are still gorgeous. I find it amazing that they turned out so well, and I hope you guys think so too. In any case, I hope you play the heck out of it – it’s a solid game within the covers as well as a pretty one.

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