Nordvorn Update: Funding, Writing, and International Shipping

Status Update

The first week of the campaign to fund The Citadel at Norðvorn is past, and we’re 60% of the way to the goal. Four weeks to go!

Thus far, things are looking steady, and between the folks following the campaign and those pledged already, that would total about $12,600 . . . so the potential to fund is right there with the backers who are eyeing the campaign already.

That’s good.

There’s also the upcoming March campaign for the Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 book, which hopefully will increase awareness of this campaign as well.

Writing Progress

I’ve been getting a lot of behind the scenes work done on Citadel. Layout and graphic design are maturing, and I’ve gathered a top-flight art team that I’ll turn loose as soon as we fund. Some old faces you’ll recognize, and some new ones as well.

With luck, I’ll be able to show some progress on the cover in the next week or so. I have a lot of faith in the person doing it, and he was responsible for the iconic piece from Dungeon Grappling as well as the back cover for Dragon Heresy. Rick and I have worked together in some form on every product I’ve done so far.

As far as actual writing: the three key settlements are finished. I’m currently fleshing out what each major player wants, and what they’re willing to do to get it. Once I’ve got that, I can build out the final relationship map and give hints and plot hooks and actions and reaction for and against each other faction.

As an example: The faerie lord Ynfalchiawn (Uhn-FAL-chee-owin) is trying to sow chaos and strife in the Veiddarlond. He has an interest in both the success and failure – all to his plan – of an important human noble. He is sending raids against certain of those interests, but protecting other parts. If bandits (or PCs) threaten villages in the Hunted Lands, he aids or ignores them. If they threaten to hurt the noble or certain key interests, he kills them. Other than a general dislike for dragonkin, he doesn’t much care about that side of the plotline.

Likewise, Gunnulf (the noble in the artwork you’ve seen before):

He’s deeply displeased with that same noble, and wants him deader than last week’s fish. Both Gunnulf and Orm are jarls to the Castellan, and he’s got quite enough on his hands with the rising in the Veiddarlond (Orm’s territory) without a full-on blood feud. Some of Gunnulf’s herras (pledged vassals) want him to fight; some want him to chill out. His daughter is getting really pissed at him for being even more intemperate than usual. But how did it all start between Gunnulf and Orm? What led to the fracas?

Like any good story, it’s all about a girl. Orm’s daughter: Ylsa Eldhar. Star-crossed would-be lover (hey, it’s worked in the Iliad, Romeo and Juliet, and Spider-Man . . . ) of Asbjorn Gunnulfson. And Asbjorn is currently pushing up daisies or nourishing ethlafolk, having been killed and eaten trying to establish his own settlement north of Audreyn’s Wall.

LOTs of that. Seeds and hooks and relationships that will make it nearly impossible for the PCs to avoid pleasing some players, angering others, or generally stirring things up.

So I’m pleased with the progress, and things are moving along well.

A Note on International Shipping

Just in case.

I’ve worked out a method to guarantee reasonable cost, high-quality printing for those backers who aren’t in the USA.

I do two print runs. One in the UK, and another in the USA. Both are short-run digital printing on high-quality paper. Then the rest-of-world books ship from Kixto in the UK via Royal Mail, and when I did that for Hall of Judgment, it cost $6 for the UK, $9 for the EU, and $12 for everywhere else. For US folks, shipping even of several of my books is usually $5-8, with the higher prices for folks who order (say) Citadel, Lost Hall, Hall of Judgment, Dungeon Grappling, and Dragon Heresy.

But until/unless we hit about 475 print backers OR we hit the $25,000 stretch goal for an offset print run (which is triple the print backers we are now), that’s how I do the shipping, so international backers needn’t fear exorbitant costs. Bluntly: don’t be afraid of print due to shipping cost. Either it won’t be that bad because I’m doing two print runs, or the Kickstarter is doing well enough that I can move a large number of books at once to the UK, and then basically do the Royal Mail thing anyway.

Thanks! Spread the Word!

That’s it for today! If you can, please take the time to say a few kind words about The Citadel at Norðvorn on your social media accounts to spread awareness. If you’re following, please consider jumping in early: as soon as we fund, I can start actually writing checks for art and other pieces to ensure the project comes in early, rather than merely on time!

Thanks, and may the Norns give you success. Or at least glory.

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