Lost Hall of Tyr: Print copies enter final stage

The print copies are on their way to me in the US, and will soon be on their way to my UK fulfillment house. That means print copies will arrive to all backers by the end of March for the Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition) Kickstarter. Committed delivery date was before June. Am I pleased about this? Yes. Yes I am.

US Printing Complete!

I received notice that the US printing is ALSO complete. I expect to receive all the books by UPS Ground in the next few days, and it is possible that they could arrive before the weekend is out, which means, since my printer is in Iowa, only a 1-2 day ship time. So I should have them on Friday. Which means they’ll go into the USPS Monday.

Since it takes 2-10 business days to hit destinations in the USA: most everyone should have their copies by March 18.

Rest of World Proof received!

I also got the hardcopy proof from my UK printer today.

The Good

It’s a very attractive book. Putting my micrometer to it, it’s 8.2mm thick as opposed to 8.8mm for the US book. It’s about 90g lighter as well. It’s sharp looking and the color fidelity is good. Binding is good quality.

The changes I made to the cover were made properly.

The matte interiors on the silk-coated paper are legit nice. Under very strong lights in my dining room, they’re far easier to read than one would expect; even the ink doesn’t glisten/reflect much. It’s very nice.

Needs Improvement

I’d sent about 20 pages of corrections. Typos, missing formatting, and a few other things, on the inside of the book. These were not done, though the files were downloaded.

Where we Stand

I told them I would need to validate that the new pages were inserted, but that a digital proof would be acceptable for that. If they do this tonight (no reason they should not), then print approval for the not-the-US books will be given tomorrow (Thursday), and the print process beings. It’s only two or three dozen copies; it shouldn’t take very long.

I suspect fulfillment will begin on these next week, then. I’ll start working with Kixto to get quantities in hand, and print any other copies of books I need to deliver; there are only a few with multiple orders that will be challenging, so for the most part, not-the-US backers should have their stuff by the end of March.

Pix below the fold.

Flawless Victory?

This is the fifth book I’ve delivered early or on time. I am very pleased with that: no one wants to have to wait for their stuff longer than needed.

I’m running another Kickstarter right now. Set in the same world as Lost Hall/Hall of Judgment, The Citadel at Nordvorn expands the setting geography and lore. Check it out!

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