Scheduling thoughts – future post content

To try and rationalize what I’m doing with this blog, I’m tossing out some ideas.

Monday Morning: Pathfinder Skull and Shackles or GURPS Space Actual Play Report
Wednesday Morning: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Actual Play report.
Thursday: GURPS Content or other rules-centric stuff
Friday Evening: Read-through reports. I’ve got Pathfinder, FATE Core, and some GURPSy stuff I want to do.

Apropos of Nothing: Random stuff that will either be filler if I’m caught nekkid on the above or actual things that connect entertainment in other media with RPGs.

Not sure if this will hold up, but it seems a good division of time. The play report stuff may be actual transcripts (like the last few Pathfinder games), or jump straight to rules issues that came up in play. We shall see.

Edit: Yesterday was my Best Day Ever according to Google. Yay for page views.

4 thoughts on “Scheduling thoughts – future post content

  1. Session reports are not the most in-demand form of blog post… but they can very quickly translate into credibility. (One famous rpg designer boasted that he didn't need to play the game anymore in order to come up with new material. That's when I realized there was a reason his stuff was not particularly playable…!)

  2. A good point. It's also fodder for great rules comments – if I allow myself the conceit that the recent guns/lasers/dodge post was a good one (it certainly has generated a lot of good discussion, which makes it a good one from my perspective), it was only the game as it played out, and the body language involved (the "you've got to be f**king kidding me" look on a few players' faces was unmistakable) that convinced me that something needed to be done, not from a results point of view (I still think that the hit rate probably squared well with combat hit rates), but from a narrative flow point of view.

    And at some point, I really want to actually GM a few sessions on Hangouts or something using my Action Points rules.

  3. The recent Guns/lasers/dodge post was one of the best ones that will actively improve all my future games. My 5 players and I will probably end up thanking you for that one for a while. I was going to use that rule (now found in the first Alternate GURPS Pyramid), but you made it extra awesome.

    If you scheduled it when I could participate (Pacific time zone), I'd totally do a Hangouts session. (Been GMing and/or playing GURPS 4e since November 2011, so I'm getting decently familiar…)

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