Citadel Final Stretch Goal: Hall of Judgment 2nd Edition ($35,000)

As we enter the final two days of The Citadel at Nordvorn campaign, it has become clear that the “best we can do” figure is significantly in excess of the prior goal for the campaign at $30,000.

After thinking about it for a bit, I know what to do. At 35,000, I will get a reprint of Hall of Judgment done in the same style and quality as the offset run for Citadel at Norðvorn. Sewn and lay-flat binding. Heavy paper (100-105#, or 150-157gsm).

The new printing will include all of the new battle-maps done by Glynn Seal for the 2nd Edition of Lost Hall of Tyr, so the basic file is already done. If we hit this goal, everyone that already has a PDF of Hall of Judgment will get it upgraded to the new edition at no cost.

New maps?


Old Map - Rival Claim (Ridge Path)
Old Map – Rival Claim (Ridge Path)

The new images show a lot more custom detail, all done by award-winning cartographer Glynn Seal (who has a Kickstarter of his own going on right now). He did the maps of Logiheimli in Hall of Judgment, and he’s doing the maps in Citadel.

Full-page map of the new Rival Claim image.
Full-page map of the new Rival Claim image.

If we hit the new goal, Hall of Judgment will have the maps inserted into the art spaces where the old maps were; I’ll look into what it would take to get full-page maps in the back of the book as well, but no promises on that . . . it’s already a full book and I’d need to add 16 pages to make it work.

But I’m not saying no either.

Regardless, a digital map pack will be available as well (HoJ PDF purchasers in the past may already have it; I uploaded it to Backerkit a while ago and sent it out).

“And That’s All I Have to Say About That” (-F. Gump)

Wow. What a campaign. A potential offset print. Maybe a 144-page version of Citadel. Fantastic Dungeon Grappling in the boxed set itself (pinch me!), and contemplating awesome reprints of my old books.

No question: you guys are awesome.

However . . . to get the Big Goals, we need Big Conversion.

That means popping into Forum threads like these and commenting. A word from a backer goes so much further than a word from the creator. One is an endorsement; the other is spam. You know it, I know it, so I need your help:

There’s also Social Media – tweet, facebook, etc. I’ll be repeating this announcement in a blog post over at Gaming Ballistic, and that will show up at @GMingBallistic on Twitter, the Gaming Ballistic page on Facebook, and on my page and account on MeWe (and if you’re looking for ALL the places to find me on the net, go here and you can see them all).

We have 36 hours.

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