Hall of Judgment: HOLY CRAP! 11.5 HOURS and funded

You guys are awesome.

11.5 hours and Hall of Judgment has funded already.

Some notes from my prior work:

Thus far, we’ve raised more in the first day than each of my first three Kickstarters.

It took 18 days for Dungeon Grappling to raise more than $3,000, and that was for 5e, The Pathfinder RPG, and Swords and Wizardry, which together comfortably occupy 80-90% of the RPG market.

It took almost the entire campaign – 24 days – to hit over $3,000 for the adventure Hall of Judgment is based on: Lost Hall of Tyr

Dragon Heresy, a 288-page full RPG based on 5e . . . well, it did do $4400 by day 2. I wonder if we’ll beat THAT too?

Well, we’re in it now. There’s still more coming, as alluded to in the prior update, in terms of potential reward levels and nifty stuff. Mostly, though, the big stretch goal revolves around the question of how many print copies will be ordered?

The print quality upgrades are strictly volume-based, within reason (I like nice books and I cannot lie, so I often cheat when it comes to that).

But the money thus far means I can start talking to Glynn Seal about even more maps, likely four more (a zoom in around the Hall itself, two monster lairs, and a creepy ruin).

But really what this means? It’s time to get to work. I’ve got a Fantastic Dungeon to make for y’all.

Thanks again!

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