Almost at 80%; WIP of Dragon Hunt Cover

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Brief update this morning!

Holiday Weekend

For those in the USA, it’s Memorial Day, the day dedicated to those who died in the armed service of their country (Veterans Day honors those still alive who served). At least here in Minnesota, it traditionally rains like mad…today is no exception.

Campaign Progress

In development news, the More Perilous Journeys campaign stands less than $100 from hitting 80% funding, and still with 19 days to go. We’re in the period best characterized as “the doldrums,” which is that slow, steady period of funding between the first 2-3 day rush after launch and the last 48 hours near the end.

This is where a few re-shares, tweets, or forum posts by not-the-publisher have the most impact. At the current rate, we likely only need about 90 pledges to fund. We have nearly 400 people following the campaign who have not yet backed. This means there’s enough ‘latent’ interest to not just fund, but succeed spectacularly.

Cover Work

I received an update to the work-in-progress image on the cover of Dragon Hunt. I liked it so much that I asked the artist if she had time to do the other four…she does, and she will. I’m procuring these covers in the anticipation that we fund, of which I have no doubt.

We’ve already talked about some changes. The dragon on the front cover will have fore-limbs added, to better match up with the TFT lore. The ruins in the background get more detail. Everything, in fact, gets more detailed as things go forward, and she touches up the details, adds textures, and does whatever it is artists of her caliber do. I can’t wait to see it. The next four will come out roughly every two weeks thereafter, meaning I should have those done by the end of July.

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