Cover Preview – Dragon Hunt!

Ksenia Kozhovnikova just shared with me her rough pencils (rough! rough! This is rough for her!) of one of the covers for the new TFT books for my More Perilous Journeys Kickstarter.

This one is (obviously) for “Dragon Hunt,” David Pulver’s 40-page solo/programmed adventure. This one can also be easily run with a GM, since going dragon hunting (and other monsters) really ought to be a group effort. Unless, of course, you’re just that mighty.

2 thoughts on “Cover Preview – Dragon Hunt!

  1. Have you thought of making the Maps and encounter counters able to be used online (VTT)? I am afraid my gaming as gone that way with the pandemic.

    1. I have done this in the past with other projects; I didn’t this time mostly because I didn’t think of it at the time – I got busy making physical counters and cards. Seems like a good idea, and quite doable.

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